Our speciality is timber fencing. A good fence not only provides protection and privacy for your property but can be a value adding feature. Get Fresh Carpentry and Maintenance are happy to work with you to build all types of timber fences, from simple paling  fences to something special to add the finishing touch to your property.


If you are looking for an affordable way to boost the value of your home, a deck is a great option. In fact, some experts claim that installing a deck can increase the value of your home by more than if you were to add another bathroom or living room.

Get Fresh Carpentry and Maintenance can help you with all your decking inquiries.

Doors and windows

We can install windows, internal and external doors for you, including all hardware and can complete the job with architraves.

Timber Flooring

A timber floor will add character and warmth to your home. They are also durable and easy to keep clean.

Talk to us today about options for a new timber floor.